Suzanne Jones Box Set: Books 1-3

What if medicines were killing your children?

Suzanne Jones and her sister Charlie travel across three continents waging war on gangs making money from fake drugs.

Out now (ebook only)

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Fake medicine kills. No-one is safe.

Regulator Suzanne Jones’ mission to stop counterfeiting in Africa becomes personal when a colleague buys a bottle of fake cough syrup with tragic consequences. But her investigations bring danger ever closer. In Uganda a factory burns; Suzanne’s friend goes missing; and in Swaziland and Zambia, children die. Who is supplying the fake drugs? What is the Eastern European connection? Can Suzanne stop the counterfeiters before more people die?


It’s Mardi Gras in Rio – and danger stalks the streets.

The Jones sisters are in Brazil. Former spy Charlie is on the trail of counterfeiter Michael Hawkins, hoping to make him pay for the pain and suffering he’s caused. Regulator turned investigator Suzanne Jones is looking into mysterious disappearances and outbursts of violence in the sports world. Could they be linked to a new health supplement?


Out of fear. Out of greed. Out of evil. Corruption springs from many roots.

Teenagers fall prey to a deadly new drug craze sweeping across Russia. Pharmaceuticals destined for Africa turn up on the backstreets of Moscow, St Petersburg and Vladivostok. Regulator Suzanne Jones and her sister, Charlie, fight to stop the pushers before more kids die. But will their discoveries mean a friend goes to prison? And are they putting their loved ones in danger?

What the readers are saying about this series of thrillers set in the sometimes murky world of international pharmaceuticals….

“Clever plotting means the pace gradually quickens until it reaches a very exciting and page-turning conclusion.”

“Elizabeth Ducie brings her wealth of knowledge of the pharmaceutical world to a well written, fascinating thriller.”


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