Counterfeit! Blog Tour

I have been taking part in a blog tour in celebration of the launch of my new novel, Counterfeit! Details of the various stops on the tour are shown below, with links to the posts as they go live.

16th July: Oapschat (hosted by Jan Rosser)

A Grown-Up Thing To Do: taking a working holiday in Portugal just prior to launching my novel.

23rd July: BDHawkey Author (hosted by Bridget Hawkey) In conversation on the manufacturing of medicines and the dangers of counterfeit drugs, especially in the developing world. 26th July: Pamela Vass

Offering self-publishing advice for authors who are thinking of going it alone.

28th July: A Girl and Her Cats Write (hosted by Liz Hurst) Answering questions about blogging, reading, and how much of myself goes into my stories. 29th July: First Draft (hosted by Rebecca Bradley) Being interviewed about the first draft of Deception!, book 2 in the Suzanne Jones series of thrillers.

30th July: Carol Hedges

Being interviewed by The Pink Sofa about the writing of Counterfeit!

31st July: Creative Writing Matters (hosted by Cathie Hartigan) My writing experience; fighting the fear. 1st August: Veronica Bright Things are not always black and white; why some people ‘go bad’. 4th August: Exeter Writers A round-up of my publishing news; three books in two months.

5th August: Oapschat (hosted by Jan Rosser)

Sisters: relations or friends? Why there are so many sisters in my novels and short stories?

5th August: Wild Words (hosted by Bridget Holding) A day in the life of a writer. Hard work or just too much fun?
By Elizabeth Ducie

Elizabeth Ducie was a successful international manufacturing consultant, when she decided to give it all up and start telling lies for a living instead.

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