Elizabeth Chats With…Tina K Burton

[Today, in the first of my monthly interviews, I’m chatting with Tina K Burton, author and avid crafter. Tina and I met through a Facebook group for writers and discovered we live not far from each other in beautiful Devon.]

Hello Tina; thanks for agreeing to chat to me. Let’s start right back at the beginning: What is your earliest memory — and how old were you at the time?

Lying in my cot waiting for my mother to wake up because I was hungry. I recently told my mum, and described the room we were in – my father wasn’t there, my mum was in bed on her own – and she told me it was when my dad was away at sea just after I was born, so I was only a few months old, yet I can remember it very clearly.
Where is your favourite place on earth — and why?
Sitting on top of a crop of high rocks – a tor – at Burrator in Devon. Because it gives you a fantastic view out over the reservoir, moorland and forest, and because I feel happy and at peace there. Mind you it’s not as easy to climb up the rocks as it was when I was younger – they’re quite high up!
If you had to escape from a fire, what three things would you take with you?
My husband, my koala bear that I’ve had since I was about three and my Nintendo 3DS.
Talking about yourself, how would you finish the sentence “not a lot of people know…”?
That I used to be a 1940s re-enactor.
Great picture! The 1940s was such an fascinating period, wasn’t it? Sticking with the historical theme, if you could meet one person from history, who would it be — and why?
Enid Blyton. She got me reading, and because of that I wanted to write wonderful stories like she did.
Would you describe yourself as left-brain (analytical), right-brain (intuitive) or a mix of both?
Definitely right. I’m not the least bit analytical, and I’m not great at logic either!
OK, time for another picture. Can you show us an image that best represents you, and tell us why.
I’ve given you a photo of one of my quilling canvases, because it shows the creative side of me. Actually I write and do all sort of crafting, so I’m very creative. Take away the writing and crafting and I’d be lost!
You’re certainly a creative being, as anyone who’s read your stories or seen your quilling will know. If you could change one thing about yourself or your life so far, what would it be?
That I had more confidence and that I’d started writing seriously a lot earlier – sorry that’s two things.
So how do you relax?

I don’t. Seriously, even when I’m supposed to be relaxing, I’m fidgeting about. I don’t think I know how to relax!

If you knew you only had 24 hours left, how would you spend them?
Surrounded by all the people I love, eating chocolate and drinking wine.

OK, Tina, I’ve set the earlier questions; now it’s your turn: Write the last question yourself and use it to tell us something about yourself, your life or your work.

My question: If you could achieve one thing, what would it be? I’m halfway through writing a dark thriller, which I think would make a great two or three part serial, so, I’d absolutely love that to happen. To watch something you’ve written being acted out on the TV must be amazing.

Thanks, Tina, for taking the time to come and chat with me.

If you’d like to hear more from Tina, her blog can be found here

Tina’s Amazon UK author page is where you can find her books for sale.  For other reading devices, her novel Chapters of Life can be found on Smashwords 
You can see more of Tina’s crafting on her Pinterest board. 
By Elizabeth Ducie

Elizabeth Ducie was a successful international manufacturing consultant, when she decided to give it all up and start telling lies for a living instead.

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