Topics for Talks and Workshops

I am an experienced public speaker and regularly address groups such as the WI, U3A, Probus, book groups, writers’ circles and conferences on a variety of topics related both to my writing and my former career as a technical consultant. Some of the topics on which I speak are as follows:

A Broad Abroad

Working in Russia and the Former Soviet Union countries; Africa; and Latin America over a twenty five year period. What was it like to work in such different cultures, especially as a woman, what did both sides learn from the experiences? How these experience impacted on my writing.

A Woman In the Snow

Working in Russia in the 1990s, immediately after the fall of the Soviet Union. What could a woman from Western Europe offer a country in the midst of economic, political and cultural flux – and what did both sides learn from the experience? How this experience led to the writing of Gorgito’s Ice Rink.

A Long Time Coming: a Writer’s Journey

After a lifetime as a scientist and thirty years in industry, making the transition to full-time writing, and creative writing at that, was no mean feat. Come with me on my journey from teenage poetry to my debut novel, published in my sixties.

Local Journalism

As co-founder and editor of the Chudleigh Phoenix Community Magazine, a monthly electronic newsletter written by, and for, the people of Chudleigh, I’ve learned a lot about local journalism in the five years since our first edition in 2009. How does it differ from national and international journalism? How has journalism changed over the years? And what will the future look like?

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