#Swanwick68: Day 0 (Friday)

Ode To Swanwick

I’m bombarded by signs: Queue, caution! 40mph (chance would be a fine thing!) Congestion, slow down (how can you slow down from a full stop?) Congestion, use the hard shoulder! Use hard shoulder only for Junction 16 Congestion, use the hard shoulder! 60; no, 50; no, 60; no, 40; national speed limit. Sun, clouds, black clouds, spots of rain, pouring rain, blue sky, sun Caravans, lorries, more caravans, camper vans – and did I mention the caravans? TRAFFIC! 5 hours to drive less than 200 miles. To Swanwick, with a smile, because you’re totally worth it!  

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By Elizabeth Ducie

Elizabeth Ducie was a successful international manufacturing consultant, when she decided to give it all up and start telling lies for a living instead.

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