The Wedding Diary by Margaret James

Margaret James doesn’t normally write modern-day chicklit and I don’t normally read modern-day chicklit (well not very often anyway), so we were both on new territory here. But you can’t go far wrong with a book opening with the line: “All chocolate is medicinal. It’s a well known fact.”

Cat wins a dream wedding day in a competition — just around the same time that her fiance Jack does a runner. Adam wants to marry Maddy — but she throws his proposal back in his face. So we have two characters, both unlucky in love at the point where they first meet. This is a romantic novel, so most readers will have clear expectations of the final outcome. However it is the route that Cat and Adam take to that outcome, the unexpected detours, the barriers and the glitches which make this such a good book. It was fun to read and in parts, very funny. Like all books published by Choc Lit, the action is presented partly from the point of view of the heroine and partly in the voice of the hero. Hearing Adam’s take on the story as well as Cat’s was fascinating and added to the enjoyment for me. The settings were beautifully described, especially the scenes in Italy; I could feel the warm air on my skin as I read.

And then there is Fanny Gregory of Supadoop Promotions. What to say about Fanny? She starts off as the Wicked Witch and gradually morphs into The Fairy Godmother, but remains just a bit scary throughout. She is a wonderful character, with her Sienna Gold hair and magnificanent boobs that are definitely NOT plastic. Even if we don’t meet Cat and Adam again, I hope to come across Fanny and her greyhound Casper in a future book.

The Wedding Diary is like a huge bar of chocolate. Best eaten in one sitting while curled up in front of the fire — and missed once it is finished.

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By Elizabeth Ducie

Elizabeth Ducie was a successful international manufacturing consultant, when she decided to give it all up and start telling lies for a living instead.

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