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I have been publishing my own books since 2011. Occasionally, I publish for other authors. In 2018, I wrote The Business of Writing Part 4 Independent Publishing. Since early 2020, I have been coaching authors through the early stages of their publishing journey. 

Whether you just need a quick chat to develop your project plan, or support throughout the entire project, I may well be able to help you. Contact me to discuss your requirements.

What My Clients Say…

“Just wanted to send a quick message to say thank you so much for your support around writing and publishing. Since your workshop, I have published two books and am writing my third. I don’t think I would have even got one out without your workshop and support! It gave me tools and resources, as well as giving me the mindset I needed to do any extra research. I chose the self publishing option in the end, but valued the space to explore different routes and options available to me. Thank you so much!!!” C M Serpell, author of Her and Until Death.

“Elizabeth Ducie offered me the chance to be a guinea pig for her new service on how to publish (a print ready book) via Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). I didn’t know where to begin, but Elizabeth went through each stage clearly and efficiently, showing a live example of a book she’d previously published on KDP; what areas to avoid, and explaining each step, including a writing plan to suit my needs and a report to keep. The service is aimed at people who want to avoid all the hassle of trying to work out what they need to do to publish on KDP. I feel that a service like this will be invaluable to anyone signing up to KDP for the first time.” Brenda Hutchings, author of Heads, Hearts and Tails

“If you want someone to guide you along the seemingly impenetrable path to indie publication, then look no further. Elizabeth’s clear explanations will take you step by step from draft manuscript to either print or ebook ready files, then on through the baffling business of uploading, understanding royalties and making your book both available and easy to find online. Working with Elizabeth on Flashlight was a very positive experience. It’s her exceptional organisational abilities that make everything seem easy. There were no shocks or difficulties because likely problems were anticipated and solved. She has a wealth of experience in publishing both fiction and non-fiction and her attention to detail will give your manuscript the best possible start in its life.” Cathie Hartigan, on behalf of Exeter Writers, authors of Flashlight.

“Having self-published two novels I needed some help in promoting my books. A magazine editor suggested I contact Elizabeth Ducie and I’m so glad I did. Elizabeth organised a Zoom meeting and asked me questions about myself and my books, and what I had done so far to market them. She then sent me a detailed report suggesting various steps I could take. This included things like setting up a mailing list, redesigning my covers, using universal links, adding my books to more categories on Amazon, and so the list goes on. Elizabeth not only pointed me in the right direction, but continued to assist me with putting it all in place. I was impressed with the professional way that Elizabeth offered me support, and she was very generous with her time. I would strongly recommend her services to any new author.”  Marcia Clayton, author of the Hartford Manor series.

“I can honestly say that without the professional support and guidance I received from Elizabeth, my first novel, Maisonvide, would never have become an eBook. From the first zoom meeting I felt confident with Elizabeth’s skills and extensive knowledge. Her recommendations in editing the text have proved to be a revelation and have transformed my book. Elizabeth’s enthusiasm and can do approach really made the whole process a pleasure and I thoroughly recommend her services to anyone who wants a top notch job.” Nicholas Thom, author of Maisonvide.

“I can recommend Elizabeth Ducie’s services in self-publishing 100%, as I now have a novel on Amazon, both in e-book and paperback form. I never thought to see that day! Without the guidance of Elizabeth, through the maze that is KDP, I would never have published my first novel THE MEMORY TIN. I was not only lacking confidence, but the technology totally defeated me – my anxiety levels went through the roof. I was a complete novice.

I came across Elizabeth’s services by chance but once we had discussed the process in our first Zoom meeting, I realised that publication in 2021 was going to happen. I particularly benefitted from the way that any procedures that seemed alien to me was explained wonderfully clearly, with the help of a split screen. I could sort out any small problems by email, promptly replied to and talked trough. Sally Trueman-Dicken, author of The Memory Tin.

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